Victoria Zefirova

QA Specialist

QA Analyst

QA Manager

QA Lead

Victoria Zefirova

QA Specialist

QA Analyst

QA Manager

QA Lead

About Me

Hello! I’m Victoria Zefirova. I’ve helped several high-performing teams in the software industry maximize the effectiveness of every part of the software QA process, including planning, writing stories, testing, documentation, and choosing which software testing tool to use to solve the needs of the particular project and team. I also specialize in helping teams learn and implement cutting-edge solutions, like my software testing tool of choice, testRigor.

In my current role at Get QA Done, I’ve helped the team with implementing testRigor across a number of client projects. Using testRigor for our clients, we’ve been able to speed up the test writing process dramatically with tests written in plain English, and have more accurate test coverage based on AI-driven learnings from user interactions with the web products that our clients maintain.

I find working in QA to be a really rewarding career, as I’m able to see the results of my hard work as product quality is improved and maintained over time. Seeing my hard work reflected in positive customer and user feedback is what drives me to continue improving and advancing my skills every day.

While I’m not currently looking to change roles, I’m open to opportunities to network and collaborate on QA projects, as well as freelance projects. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help your team with the QA process and implementing solutions like testRigor, feel free to get in touch with me.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, fitness, culinary arts, and learning more about software and technology.

  • Age . . . . . 36
  • Residence . . . . . USA
  • Open to . . . . . Providing Services
  • Address . . . . . Walnut Creek, CA
My Expertise
QA Tools Expert

Need help with understanding which QA tools best fit your project? I’m an expert.

Extensive QA Experience

I have several years of experience helping a number of software teams with QA.

Interpersonal Skills

As an experienced professional, I’ve honed my soft skills to handle any situation.

Continual Improvement

I regularly pursue continuing education related to QA and software to keep my skills sharp.

Companies I Worked For
The Facts
50K+ Tests Written
4 Awards Won
100+ Roadtrips Made
7 Countries Visited
2019 - Present
QA Support Lead
testRigor Inc.

Lead and grow a team of manual testers and QA engineers

2018 - 2019
QA Specialist - Contract
Google Inc.

QA support for infrastructure projects with focus on IT Security systems and projects

2017 - 2018
QA Specialist - Contract
Instagram Inc.

Participates in developing Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality objectives are met

2017 - 2020
Quality Assurance Analyst
Scheduling Suite, FlowX LLC
Work with QA Lead to review specifications to develop a testing strategy

Recent Education
2019 – 2020
Software Testing: Exploratory Testing
LinkedIn Learning

This course teaches you how to use exploratory testing to immediately add value at any point in a product’s development.

2019 – 2020
Software Testing Foundations: Test Planning
LinkedIn Learning

This course provides testers and QA leads with the foundational knowledge they need to launch a successful test of a new software application, regardless of scale.

2019 – 2020
Programming Foundations: Software Testing/QA
LinkedIn Learning

QA practices within the context of a software engineering project.

A lot of people forget that QA needs to ensure UI/UX doesn’t experience undesired shifts over time, but Victoria always keeps UI/UX in mind.
Kent Sun
Director of UI/UX
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  • Address . . . . . Walnut Creek, CA
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  • Open to . . . . . Providing QA Services
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